Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 196 (Distance)

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#196. Distance.-- N. distance; space &c. 180; remoteness, farness[obs], far-cry to; longinquity[obs], elongation; offing, background; remote region; removedness[obs]; parallax; reach, span, stride.

outpost, outskirt; horizon; aphelion; foreign parts, ultima Thule[Lat], ne plus ultra[Lat], antipodes; long range, giant's stride.

dispersion &c.73.

[units of distance] length &c. 200.

cosmic distance, light-years.

V. be distant &c. adj.; extend to, stretch to, reach to, spread to, go to, get to, stretch away to; range.

remain at a distance; keep away, keep off, keep aloof, keep clear of, stand away, stand off, stand aloof, stand clear of, stay away, keep one's distance'.

[transitive] distance; distance oneself from.

Adj. distant; far off, far away; remote, telescopic, distal, wide of; stretching to &c. v.; yon, yonder; ulterior; transmarine[obs], transpontine[obs], transatlantic, transalpine; tramontane; ultramontane, ultramundane[obs]; hyperborean, antipodean; inaccessible, out of the way; unapproached[obs], unapproachable; incontiguous[obs].

Adv. far off, far away; afar, afar off; off; away; a long way off, a great way off, a good way off; wide away, aloof; wide of, clear of; out of the way, out of reach; abroad, yonder, farther, further, beyond; outre mer[Fr], over the border, far and wide, "over the hills and far away " [Gay]; from pole to pole &c. (over great space) 180; to the uttermost parts, to the ends of the earth; out of hearing, nobody knows where, a perte de vue[Fr], out of the sphere of, wide of the mark; a far cry to.

apart, asunder; wide apart, wide asunder; longo intervallo[It]; at arm's length.

Phr. "distance lends enchantment" [Campbell]; "it's a long long way to Tipperary"; out of sight, out of mind.