Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 195 (Contraction)

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#195. Contraction.-- N. contraction, reduction, diminution; decrease &c. 36 of size; defalcation, decrement; lessening, shrinking &c. v.; compaction; tabes[obs], collapse, emaciation, attenuation, tabefaction[obs], consumption, marasmus[obs], atrophy; systole, neck, hourglass.

condensation, compression, compactness; compendium &c. 596; squeezing &c. v.; strangulation; corrugation; astringency; astringents, sclerotics; contractility, compressibility; coarctation[obs].

inferiority in size.

V. become small, become smaller; lessen, decrease &c. 36; grow less, dwindle, shrink, contract, narrow, shrivel, collapse, wither, lose flesh, wizen, fall away, waste, wane, ebb; decay &c. (deteriorate) 659.

be smaller than, fall short of; not come up to &c. (be inferior) 34.

render smaller, lessen, diminish, contract, draw in, narrow, coarctate[obs]; boil down; constrict, constringe[obs]; condense, compress, squeeze, corrugate, crimp, crunch, crush, crumple up, warp, purse up, pack, squeeze, stow; pinch, tighten, strangle; cramp; dwarf, bedwarf[obs]; shorten &c. 201; circumscribe &c. 229; restrain &c. 751.

[reduce in size by abrasion or paring. see subtraction 38] abrade, pare, reduce, attenuate, rub down, scrape, file, file down, grind, grind down, chip, shave, shear, wear down.

Adj. contracting &c. v.; astringent; shrunk, contracted &c. v.; strangulated, tabid[obs], wizened, stunted; waning &c. v.; neap, compact.

unexpanded &c. (expand &c. 194)[obs]; contractile; compressible; smaller &c. (small &c.193).