Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 193 (Littleness)

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#193. Littleness.-- N. littleness &c. adj.; smallness &c. (of quantity) 32; exiguity, inextension[obs]; parvitude[obs], parvity[obs]; duodecimo[obs]; Elzevir edition, epitome, microcosm; rudiment; vanishing point; thinness &c. 203.

dwarf, pygmy, pigmy[obs], Liliputian, chit, pigwidgeon[obs], urchin, elf; atomy[obs], dandiprat[obs]; doll, puppet; Tom Thumb, Hop-o'-my- thumb[obs]; manikin, mannikin; homunculus, dapperling[obs], cock-sparrow.

animalcule, monad, mite, insect, emmet[obs], fly, midge, gnat, shrimp, minnow, worm, maggot, entozoon[obs]; bacteria; infusoria[obs]; microzoa[Microbiol]; phytozoaria[obs]; microbe; grub; tit, tomtit, runt, mouse, small fry; millet seed, mustard seed; barleycorn; pebble, grain of sand; molehill, button, bubble.

point; atom &c. (small quantity) 32; fragment &c. (small part) 51; powder &c. 330; point of a pin, mathematical point; minutiae &c. (unimportance) 643.

micrometer; vernier; scale.

microphotography, photomicrography, micrography[obs]; photomicrograph, microphotograph; microscopy; microscope (optical instruments) 445..

V. be little &c. adj.; lie in a nutshell; become small &c. (decrease) 36, (contract) 195.

Adj. little; small &c. (in quantity) 32; minute, diminutive, microscopic; microzoal; inconsiderable &c. (unimportant) 643; exiguous, puny, tiny, wee, petty, minikin[obs], miniature, pygmy, pigmy[obs], elfin; undersized; dwarf, dwarfed, dwarfish; spare, stunted, limited; cramp, cramped; pollard, Liliputian, dapper, pocket; portative[obs], portable; duodecimo[obs]; dumpy, squat; short &c. 201.

impalpable, intangible, evanescent, imperceptible, invisible, inappreciable, insignificant, inconsiderable, trivial; infinitesimal, homoeopathic[obs]; atomic, subatomic, corpuscular, molecular; rudimentary, rudimental; embryonic, vestigial.

weazen|!, scant, scraggy, scrubby; thin &c. (narrow) 203; granular &c. (powdery) 330; shrunk &c. 195; brevipennate[obs].

Adv. in a small compass, in a nutshell; on a small scale; minutely, microscopically.