Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 188 (Inhabitant)

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#188. Inhabitant.-- N. inhabitant; resident, residentiary[obs]; dweller, indweller[obs]; addressee; occupier, occupant; householder, lodger, inmate, tenant, incumbent, sojourner, locum tenens, commorant[obs]; settler, squatter, backwoodsman, colonist; islander; denizen, citizen; burgher, oppidan[obs], cockney, cit, townsman, burgess; villager; cottager, cottier[obs], cotter; compatriot; backsettler[obs], boarder; hotel keeper, innkeeper; habitant; paying guest; planter.

native, indigene, aborigines, autochthones[obs]; Englishman, John Bull; newcomer &c. (stranger) 57.

aboriginal, American[obs], Caledonian, Cambrian, Canadian, Canuck*, downeaster [U.S.], Scot, Scotchman, Hibernian, Irishman, Welshman, Uncle Sam, Yankee, Brother Jonathan.

garrison, crew; population; people &c. (mankind) 372; colony, settlement; household; mir[obs].

V. inhabit &c. (be present) 186; endenizen &c. (locate oneself) 184[obs].

Adj. indigenous; native, natal; autochthonal[obs], autochthonous; British; English; American[obs]; Canadian, Irish, Scotch, Scottish, Welsh; domestic; domiciliated[obs], domiciled; naturalized, vernacular, domesticated; domiciliary.

in the occupation of; garrisoned by, occupied by.