Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 168 (Productiveness -- N)

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#168. Productiveness -- N. productiveness &c. adj.; fecundity, fertility, luxuriance, uberty|.

pregnancy, pullulation, fructification, multiplication, propagation, procreation; superfetation.

milch cow, rabbit, hydra, warren, seed plot, land flowing with milk and honey; second crop, aftermath; aftercrop, aftergrowth[obs]; arrish[obs], eddish[obs], rowen[obs]; protoplasm; fertilization.

V. make -productive &c. adj.; fructify; procreate, generate, fertilize, spermative[obs], impregnate; fecundate, fecundify[obs]; teem, multiply; produce &c. 161; conceive.

Adj. productive, prolific; teeming, teemful[obs]; fertile, fruitful, frugiferous[obs], fruit-bearing; fecund, luxuriant; pregnant, uberous[obs].

procreant[obs], procreative; generative, life-giving, spermatic; multiparous; omnific[obs], propagable.

parturient &c. (producing) 161; profitable &c. (useful) 644.