Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 16 (Uniformity)

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#16. Uniformity. -- N. uniformity; homogeneity, homogeneousness; consistency; connaturality[obs], connaturalness[obs]; homology; accordance; conformity &c. 82; agreement &c. 23; consonance, uniformness. regularity, constancy, even tenor,.routine; monotony.

V. be uniform &c. adj.; accord with &c. 23; run through. become uniform &c. adj.; conform to &c. 82.

render uniform, homogenize &c. adj.; assimilate, level, smooth, dress.

Adj. uniform; homogeneous, homologous;of a piece[Fr], consistent, connatural[obs]; monotonous, even, invariable; regular, unchanged, undeviating, unvaried, unvarying.


Adv. uniformly &c. adj.; uniformly with &c. (conformably) 82; in harmony with &c. (agreeing) 23.

always, invariably, without exception, without fail, unfailingly, never otherwise; by clockwork. Phr. ab uno disce omnes[Lat]. #16a. [Absence or want of uniformity.] Nonuniformity. -- N. diversity, irregularity, unevenness; multiformity &c. 81; unconformity &c. 83; roughness &c. 256; dissimilarity, dissimilitude, divarication, divergence.

Adj. diversified varied, irregular, uneven, rough &c. 256; multifarious; multiform &c. 81; of various kinds; all manner of, all sorts of, all kinds of.

Adv. variously, in all manner of ways, here there and everywhere.