Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 150 (Stability)

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#150. Stability. -- N. stability; immutability &c. adj.; unchangeability, &c. adj.; unchangeableness|!; constancy; stable equilibrium, immobility, soundness, vitality, stabiliment[obs], stiffness, ankylosis[obs], solidity, aplomb.

establishment, fixture; rock, pillar, tower, foundation, leopard's spots, Ethiopia's skin.

permanence &c. 141; obstinacy &c. 606.

V. be firm &c. adj.; stick fast; stand firm, keep firm, remain firm; weather the storm, stay the course, stick to the course, keep the faith, don't give in, don't buckle under.

settle, establish, stablish[obs], ascertain, fix, set, stabilitate[obs]; retain, keep hold; make good, make sure; fasten &c. (join) 43; set on its legs, float; perpetuate.

settle down; strike roots, put down roots, take root; take up one's abode &c. 184; build one's house on a rock.

Adj. unchangeable, immutable; unaltered, unalterable; not to be changed, constant; permanent &c. 141; invariable, undeviating; stable, durable; perennial &c. (diuturnal) 110[obs].

fixed, steadfast, firm, fast, steady, balanced; confirmed, valid; fiducial[obs]; immovable, irremovable, riveted, rooted; settled, established &c. v.; vested; incontrovertible, stereotyped, indeclinable.

tethered, anchored, moored, at anchor, on a rock, rock solid, firm as a rock; firmly seated, firmly established &c. v.; deep-rooted, ineradicable; inveterate; obstinate &c. 606.

transfixed, stuck fast, aground, high and dry, stranded.

[movable object rendered unmovable] stuck, jammed; unremovable; quiescent &c. 265; deterioration &c. 659.

indefeasible, irretrievable, intransmutable[obs], incommutable[obs], irresoluble[obs], irrevocable, irreversible, reverseless[obs], inextinguishable, irreducible; indissoluble, indissolvable[obs]; indestructible, undying, imperishable, incorruptible, indelible, indeciduous[obs]; insusceptible, insusceptible of change.

Int. stet.

Phr. littera scripta manet[Lat].