Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 145 (Reversion)

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#145. Reversion. -- N. reversion, return; revulsion.

turning point, turn of the tide; status quo ante bellum; calm before a storm. alternation &c. (periodicity) 138; inversion &c. 219; recoil &c. 277; retreat, regression, retrogression &c. 283; restoration &c. 660; relapse, recidivism &c. 661; atavism; vicinism[obs];

V. revert, turn back, regress; relapse &c. 661; recoil &c. 277; retreat &c. 283; restore &c. 660; undo, unmake; turn the tide, roll back the tide, turn the scale, tip the scale.

Adj. reverting &c. v.; regressive, revulsive, reactionary; retrorse[obs].

Adv. a rebours[Fr].