Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 143 (Continuance in action)

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#143. Continuance in action. -- N. continuance, continuation; run; perpetuation, prolongation; persistence &c. (perseverance) 604a; repetition &c. 104.

V. continue, persist; go on, jog on, keep on, run on, hold on; abide, keep, pursue, stick to its course, take its course, maintain its course; carry on, keep up.

sustain, uphold, hold up, keep on foot; follow up, perpetuate; maintain; preserve &c. 604a; harp upon &c. (repeat) 104.

keep going, keep alive, keep the pot boiling, keep up the ball, keep up the good work; die in harness, die with one's boots on; hold on the even tenor of one's way, pursue the even tenor of one's way.

let be; stare super antiquas vias[Lat][obs]; quieta non movere[Lat]; let things take their course; stare decisis [Lat][Jurisprudence].

Adj. continuing &c. v.; uninterrupted, unintermitting[obs], unvarying, unshifting[obs]; unreversed[obs], unstopped, unrevoked, unvaried; sustained; undying &c. (perpetual) 112; inconvertible.

Int. keep it up! go to it! right away! right on! attaboy!

Phr. nolumus leges Angliae mutari[Lat][obs]; vestigia nulla retrorsum [Lat][Horace]; labitur et albetur [Lat][obs][Horace].