Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 134 (Occasion)

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#134. Occasion. -- N. {ant. 135} timeliness, occasion, opportunity, opening, room; event (eventuality) 151; suitable season, proper season , suitable time, proper time; high time; opportuneness &c. adj.; tempestivity[obs].

crisis, turn, juncture, conjuncture; crisis, turning point, given time.

nick of time; golden opportunity, well timed opportunity, fine opportunity, favorable opportunity, opening; clear stage, fair field; mollia tempora[Lat][obs]; fata Morgana[Lat]; spare time &c. (leisure) 685.

V. seize &c. (take) 789 an opportunity, use &c. 677 an opportunity, give &c. 784 an opportunity, use an occasion; improve the occasion.

suit the occasion &c. (be expedient) 646.

seize the occasion, strike while the iron is hot, battre le fer sur l'enclume[Fr], make hay while the sun shines, seize the present hour, take time by the forelock, prendre la balle au bond[Fr].

Adj. opportune, timely, well-timed, timeful[obs], seasonable.

providential, lucky, fortunate, happy, favorable, propitious, auspicious, critical; suitable &c. 23; obiter dicta.

Adv. opportunely &c. adj.; in proper course, in due course, in proper season, in due season, in proper time, in due time; for the nonce; in the nick of time, in the fullness of time; all in good time; just in time, at the eleventh hour, now or never.

by the way, by the by; en passant[Fr], a propos[Fr]; pro re nata[Lat], pro hac vice[Lat]; par parenthese[Fr], parenthetically, by way of parenthesis, incidentally; while speaking of, while on the subject; extempore; on the spur of the moment, on the spur of the occasion; on the spot &c. (early) 132.

Phr. carpe diem[Lat], [Horace]; occasionem cognosce[Lat]; one's hour is come, the time is up; that reminds me, now that you mention it, come to think of it; bien perdu bien connu[Fr]; e sempre l'ora[It]; ex quovis ligno non fit Mercurius[Lat]; nosce tempus[Lat]; nunc aut nunquam[Lat].