Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 13 (Identity)

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#13. Identity. -- N. identity, sameness; coincidence, coalescence; convertibility; equality &c. 27; selfness[obs], self, oneself; identification.

monotony, tautology &c. (repetition) 104.

facsimile &c. (copy) 21; homoousia: alter ego &c. (similar) 17[obs]; ipsissima verba &c. (exactness) 494[Lat]; same; self, very , one and the same; very thing, actual thing; real McCoy; no other; one and only; in the flesh.

V. be identical &c. adj.; coincide, coalesce, merge.

treat as the same, render the same, identical; identify; recognize the identity of, .

Adj. identical; self, ilk; the same &c. n. selfsame, one and the same, homoousian[obs].

coincide, coalescent, coalescing; indistinguishable; one; equivalent &c. (equal) 27; tweedle dee and tweedle dum[Lat]; much the same, of a muchness[obs]; unaltered. . Adv. identically &c. adj.; on all fours.