Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 128 (Age)

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#128. Age. -- N. age; oldness[obs] &c. adj.; old age, advanced age, golden years; senility, senescence; years, anility[obs], gray hairs, climacteric, grand climacteric, declining years, decrepitude, hoary age, caducity[obs], superannuation; second childhood, second childishness; dotage; vale of years, decline of life, "sear and yellow leaf" [Macbeth]; threescore years and ten; green old age, ripe age; longevity; time of life.

seniority, eldership; elders &c. (veteran) 130; firstling; doyen, father; primogeniture.

[Science of old age.] geriatrics, nostology|.

V. be aged &c. adj.; grow old, get old &c. adj.; age; decline, wane, dodder; senesce.

Adj. aged; old &c. 124; elderly, geriatric, senile; matronly, anile|; in years; ripe, mellow, run to seed, declining, waning, past one's prime; gray, gray-headed; hoar, hoary; venerable, time-worn, antiquated, passe, effete, decrepit, superannuated; advanced in life, advanced in years; stricken in years; wrinkled, marked withthe crow's foot; having one foot in the grave; doting &c. (imbecile) 499; like the last of pea time.

older, elder, eldest; senior; firstborn.

turned of, years old; of a certain age, no chicken, old as Methuselah; ancestral, patriarchal, &c. (ancient) 124; gerontic.

Phr. "give me a staff of honor for my age" [Titus Andronicus]; bis pueri senes [Lat]; peu de gens savent elre vieux[Fr]; plenus annis abiit plenus honoribus [Lat][Pliny the Younger]; "old age is creeping on apace" [Byron]; "slow-consuming age"' [Gray]; "the hoary head is a crown of glory" [Proverbs xvi, 31]; "the silver livery of advised age" [II Henry VI]; to grow old gracefully; "to vanish in the chinks that Time has made" [Rogers].