Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 127 (Youth)

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#127. Youth. -- N. youth; juvenility, juvenescence[obs]; juniority[obs]; infancy; babyhood, childhood, boyhood, girlhood, youthhood[obs]; incunabula; minority, nonage, teens, tender age, bloom.

cradle, nursery, leading strings, pupilage, puberty, pucelage[obs].

prime of life, flower of life, springtide of life[obs], seedtime of life, golden season of life; heyday of youth, school days; rising generation.

Adj. young, youthful, juvenile, green, callow, budding, sappy, puisne, beardless, under age, in one's teens; in statu pupillari[Lat]; younger, junior; hebetic[obs], unfledged.

Phr. "youth on the prow and pleasure at the helm" [Gray]; " youth . . . the glad season of life" [Carlyle].