Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 103 (Fewness)

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#103. Fewness. -- N. fewness &c. adj.; paucity, small number; small quantity &c. 32; rarity; infrequency &c. 137; handful, maniple; minority; exiguity.

[Diminution of number] reduction; weeding &c. v.; elimination, sarculation|, decimation; eradication.

V. be few &c. adj.

render few &c. adj.; reduce, diminish the number, weed, eliminate, cull, thin, decimate.

Adj. few; scant, scanty; thin, rare, scattered, thinly scattered, spotty, few and far between, exiguous; infrequent &c. 137; rari nantes[Latin]; hardly any, scarcely any; to be counted on one's fingers; reduced &c. v.; unrepeated[obs].

Adv. rarely, here and there.