Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 100 ({opp)

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#100. {opp. 87} [More than one.] Plurality. -- N. plurality; a number, a certain number; one or two, two or three &c.; a few, several; multitude &c. 102; majority.

[large number] multitude &c. 102.

Adj. plural, more than one, upwards of; some, several, a few; certain; not alone &c. 87.

Adv. et cetera, &c., etc.

among other things, inter alia[Lat].

Phr. non deficit alter [Lat]. #100a. [Less than one.] Fraction -- N. fraction, fractional part; part &c. 51.

Adj. fractional, fragmentary, inconsiderable, negligible, infinitesimal.