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This is an electronic thesaurus derived from the version of Roget's Thesaurus published in 1911. Please read the description, as well as the Copyright notice and disclaimer.

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Abrogation; Absence of assignable cause; Absence of authority Laxity; Absence of change; Absence of color; Absence of curiosity; Absence of excitability, or of excitement; Absence of fear; Absence of form; Absence of friction; Absence of meaning; Absence of purpose in the succession of events Chance; Absence of right; Absence of wonder; Absence or violation of law; Absence or want of thought; Absence, or want of Order, &c; Absence, want or loss of hope; Absolute quantity; Absurdity; Accounts; Accusation; Acquisition; Acquittal; Action; Activity; Addition; Adolescence; Adversity; Advice; Affectation; Affections; Affirmation; Age; Agency; Agent; Aggravation; Agreement; Aid; Air; Air in motion Wind; Allocution; Ambush Means of concealment; Amusement; Angularity; Animal; Animal sounds; Animality; Answer; Aphony; Appearance; Apportionment; Approbation; Arena; Arms; Artist; Artlessness; Asceticism; Assemblage; Assent; Assignment of cause Attribution -- N; Atonement; Attack; Attention; Authority; Auxiliary
Bad Man; Bad taste; Bane; Barter; Base; Beauty; Beginning; Belief; Benefactor; Beneficent spirits Angel; Benevolence; Blackness; Blemish; Blindness; Blueness; Bluntness; Blusterer; Boasting; Book; Booty; Borrowing; Breadth, Thickness; Brittleness; Brown; Bungler; Business
Calefaction; Canonicals; Capability of giving pain; cause or source of pain; Capability of giving pleasure; cause or source of pleasure; Capability of producing evil; Capability of producing good; Caprice; Care; Carrier; Caution; Celebration; Celibacy; Centrality; Certainty; Change from action to rest; Change of one thing for another; Changeableness; Channel for the passage of air; Channel for the passage of water; Cheapness; Cheerfulness; Choice; Churchdom; Circuit; Circumjacence; Circumscription; Circumstance; Class; Cleanness; Clergy; Closure; Clothing; Coherence; Cold; Color; Combatant; Combination; Command; Commonalty; Compact; Comparison; Compendium; Compensation; Completeness; Completion; Complex curvature; Component; Composition; Compromise; Compulsion; Concavity; Concealment; Conciseness; Concord; Concurrence; Condemnation; Condiment; Conditions; Condolence; Conduct; Conformity; Confutation; Congratulation; Connecting medium; Consent; Consignee; Constant antecedent; Constant sequent; Contempt; Content; Contention; Contiguity; Continuance in action; Contraction; Contraposition; Conversation; Convexity; Cooperation; Corpse; Correspondence; Council; Counteraction; Courtesy; Covering; Credit; Credulity; Crossing; Cry; Cunning; Curvature; Curvilinear motion
Danger; Darkness; Deafness; Dearness; Death; Debt; Deceiver; Deception; Decomposition; Defense -- N; Defiance; Definite duration, or portion of time; Definite space; Degree of power; Deity; Dejection; Deliverance; Demon; Demonstration; Density; Depression; Depth; Deputy; Dereliction of Duty; Description; Desire; Destiny; Destroyer; Destruction of live; violent death; Desuetude; Deterioration; Detraction; Detractor; Deviation; Dextrality; Difference at different times; Difference of quantity or degree; Difficulty; Diffuseness; Dimness; Direction; Direction; Director; Disagreement; Disappearance; Disapprobation; Disclosure -- N; Discontent; Discord; Discord; Discount; Discourtesy; Disease; Disinterestedness; Disjunction; Dislike; Disobedience; Displacement; Disrepute; Disrespect; Dissent; Dissertation; Dissimilarity; Dissuasion; Distance; Disuse; Divestment; Division into four parts; Division into three parts; Division into two parts; Divorce; Double or mutual change; Double or reciprocal relation; Drunkenness; Dryness; Duality; Dueness; Dullness; Dupe; Duplication; Duty
Earliness; Eating; Economy; Edge; Elasticity; Elegance; Elevation; End; Endless duration; Enemy; Engraving; Enmity; Envy; Error; Escape; Essay; Estimation, measurement, and record of time; Evening; Eventuality; Evidence On one side; Evidence on the other side, on the other hand; Evil; Exaggeration; Excess of fear; Excess of sensitiveness Excitability -- N; Excitation; Exclusion; Exclusion; Exertion; Existence; Expansion; Expectation; Expenditure; Experiment; Expression of affection or love; Expression of pain; Expression of pleasure; Exteriority; Extraneousness; Extrinsicality
Facility; Failure; Failure of expectation; Faintness; False estimate of time; Falsehood; Fashion; Fastidiousness; Fasting; Fatigue; Favorite; Fear; Feebleness; Feeling; Fetor; Fewness; Filament; Five, &c; Flatness; Flatterer; Flattery; Fluid in motion; Fluidity; Fold; Fool; Fop; Forcible egress; Forcible ingress; Foresight; Forgiveness; Form; Forming a whole without coherence; Four; Fragrance; Freedom; Freedom from mixture; Frequency; Friction; Friend; Friendship; Front; Fuel; Furnace; Furrow
Gaseity; Generality; Giving; Gluttony; Going after; Going before; Good; Good Man; Good taste; Gradual change to something different; Grammar; Gratitude; Gravity; Gray; Greatness; Greenness; Guilt; Gulf
Habit; Hardness; Harsh sounds; Haste; Hate; Having a double sense Equivocalness; Health; Heat; Heaven; Height; Hell; Heterodoxy; Hindrance; Hissing sounds; Hope; Horizontality; Humility; Humorist
Idea to be conveyed; Identity; Idolatry; Ignoramus; Ignorance; Imagination; Imbecility; Imitation; Immateriality; Impenitence; Imperfect Speech; Imperfect vision; Imperfection; Impiety; Importance; Impossibility; Impotence; Improbability; Improbity; Improvement; Impulse; Impulse; Impurity; Inaction; Inactivity; Inattention; Inclosure; Inclusion; Incompleteness; Increase; Incredulity; Indefinite duration; Indefinite space; Indication -- N; Indication of danger; Indifference; Inelasticity; Inelegance; Inexistence; Inexpectation; Inexpedience; Infant; Inferiority; Infinity; Influence; Information; Infrequency; Ingratitude; Inhabitant; Initial motion from; Innocence; Inodorousness; Inorganization; Insalubrity; Insanity; Insensibility; Insignia of authority; Insipidity; Instrument; Instrument of punishment; Instrumentality; Insufficiency; Intellect; Intelligence; Intelligibility; Intemperance; Intention; Interiority; Interment; Interposition; Interpretation; Interpreter; Interrupted sequence; Interval; Intrinsicality; Inutility; Inversion; Invisibility; Irascibility; Irregular motion Agitation; Irregularity of form; Irregularity of recurrence; Irreligion; Irresolution; Island
Jealousy; Joint possession; Judeo-Christian Revelation; Judge; Judgment; Junction; Jupiter; Jurisdiction
Keeper; Knave; Knowledge
Laity; Land; Language; Latency; Lateness; Laterality; Lawsuit; Lawyer; Layer; Leap; Learner; Learning -- N; Legality; Leisure; Lending; Length; Lenity; Letter; Levity; Liability; Liberality; Liberation; Libertine; Life; Light; Limit; Limited space; Lining; Liquefaction; List; Littleness; Location; Locomotion by land; Locomotion by water, or air; Long duration; Loquacity; Loss; Loudness; Love; Lowness
MATERIALITY; Madman; Malediction; Maleficent being Evil doer -- N; Maleficent spirits; Malevolence; Manifestation; Mankind; Mariner; Marriage; Marsh; Mart; Master; Materials; Maxim; Mean; Means; Means of restraint; Means of safety; Measurement; Mediation; Mediocrity; Melody; Memory; Merchandise; Merchant; Messenger; Metaphor; Method; Mid-course; Middle; Misanthropy; Misinterpretation; Misjudgment; Misnomer; Misrepresentation; Misteaching; Misuse; Mixture of air and water; Moderation; Modesty; Moisture; Money; Morning; Motion backwards; Motion downwards Descent; Motion forward; progressive motion; Motion from; Motion from, actively; force driving apart; Motion further off; Motion given to an object situated behind; Motion given to an object situated in front; Motion in a continued circle; Motion in the reverse circle; Motion into, actively; Motion nearer to; Motion out of; Motion out of, actively Ejection; Motion through; Motion towards; Motion towards, actively; force causing to draw closer; Motion upwards Ascent; Motive; Multiformity; Multitude; Music; Musical Instruments; Musician
Narrowness; Nearness; Necessity; Negation; Negative request; Neglect; Neologism; Neverness; Newness; News; Nobility; Nomenclature; Nonaddition; Nonassemblage; Noncoincidence; Noncompletion; Nonimitation; Nonincrease, Decrease; Nonobservance; Nonpreparation; Nonproduction; Normality; Notch; Nullibiety; Number; Numeration
Obedience; Object and cause of ridicule; Object of knowledge; Object of thought; Obliquity; Oblivion; Obscurity; Observance; Obstinacy; Occasion; Ocean -- N; Odor; Offer; Oil; Oldness; Omen; Opacity; Opening -- N; Opponent; Opposition; Optical Instruments; Oracle; Orange; Order; Organization; Ornament; Ornament; Ostensible motive, ground, or reason assigned; Ostentation; Outline; Overestimation
Pacification; Pain; Painting; Parallelism; Parsimony; Part; Party; Paternity; Payment; Peace; Penalty; Pendency; Penitence; Perfection; Perforator; Permission; Perspicuity; Petitioner; Philanthropy; Phrase; Physical Energy; Physical Inertness; Physical Insensibility; Physical Pain; Physical Pleasure; Physical Sensibility; Piety; Pity; Place of habitation, or resort; Place of meeting; Plain; Plainness; Plan; Pleasure; Plunge -- N; Poetry; Point of time Instantaneity; Possession; Possessor; Possibility; Posteriority; Posterity; Poverty; Power; Precedence; Precept; Precursor; Predetermination; Prediction; Preparation; Presence; Preservation; Price; Pride; Printing; Priority; Prisoner; Probability; Probity; Prodigality; Prodigy; Producer; Production; Productiveness -- N; Proficient; Prohibition; Promise; Property; Prose; Prospective time; Prosperity; Provision; Pseudo-Revelation; Publication; Pulpiness; Pulverulence; Pungency; Punishment; Purchase; Purity; Purple; Purpose in action
Quadruplication; Qualification; Quiescence; Quinquesection, &c
Rarity; Rashness; Rear; Reasoning, -- N; Receipt; Receiving; Receptacle; Reciprocating motion, motion to and fro; Recoil; Record; Recorder; Redness; Reduction to Order; Redundancy; Refreshment; Refrigeration; Refrigerator; Refusal; Regret; Regularity of form; Regularity of recurrence; Rejection; Relapse; Relation; Relations of kindred; Relative quantity; Relief; Religious Knowledge; Relinquishment; Relinquishment; Remedy; Repeated and protracted sounds; Repetition; Repose; Representation; Reproduction; Repute; Request; Requirement; Resentment; Resignation; Resistance; Resolution; Resonance; Respect; Response -- N; Restitution; Restoration; Restraint; Result of imitation; Retaliation; Retention; Retrospective time; Revenge; Reversion; Reward; Ridicule; Ridiculousness; Right; Rite; Roughness
Safety; Sage -- N; Sale; Salubrity; Sameness of quantity or degree; Sanity; Satiety; Savoriness; Scholar; School; Sculpture; Seclusion; Secret; Security; Selfishness; Semiliquidity; Semitransparency; Sensation of pressure Touch; Sensations of Touch; Sense of sound; Sensibility; Sequel; Sequence; Servant; Servility; Severity; Shade; Shallowness; Sharpness; Ship; Short duration; Shortness; Silence; Similarity; Simple circularity; Simplicity; Sinistrality; Situation; Size; Skill; Slowness; Smallness; Smoothness; Sobriety; Sociality; Softness; Solecism; Soliloquy; Sorcerer; Sorcery; Sound; Source of danger; Source of light, self-luminous body; Sourness; Speciality; Specific subservience; Spectator; Speech; Spell; Stability; State; Stealing; Stopper; Store; Straightness; Structure; Style; Subject of thought, </noemata/> Topic; Subjection; Submission; Substantiality; Substitute; Subversion of Order; bringing into disorder; Success; Sudden and violent sounds; Sudden or violent change; Sufficiency; Summit; Superiority; Support; Supposition; Suppression of sign; Sweetness; Synchronism
Taciturnity; Taking; Taste; Teacher; Teaching; Temperance; Temple; Tenacity; Tendency; Tergiversation; Term; Terminal motion at; The Drama; The Present Time; The absence of reasoning; The desire of knowledge; The economy or management of animals; The economy or management of plants; The science of animals; The science of plants; Thermometer; Thief; Thing added Adjunct; Thing copied; Thing remaining; Things contained; Thought; Threat; Time; Time different from the present; Title; Transfer; Transference; Transparency; Traveler; Treasurer; Treasury; Triality; Tribunal; Triplication; Trophy
Ugliness; Unbelief; Uncertainty; Uncleanness; Unconformity; Unctuousness; Underestimation; Undertaking; Undue assumption of superiority; Uniformity; Unimportance; Unintelligibility; Uninterrupted sequence; Unproductiveness; Unsavoriness; Unskillfulness; Unsubstantiality; Untimeliness -- N; Untruth; Unwillingness; Use; Utility
Vanity; Vaporization; Variegation; Vegetability|; Vegetable; Vehicle; Velocity; Veracity; Verticality; Veteran; Vicarious authority; Vice; Vigor; Vindication; Violence; Virtue; Visibility; Vision; Voice
Want of adhesion, nonadhesion, immiscibility; Want, or absence of relation; Warfare; Warning; Waste; Water; Water in motion; Weakness; Wealth; Weariness; Whiteness; Whole; Will; Willingness; Wit; Woman; Wonder; Word; Workshop; World; Worship; Writing; Wrong
Yellowness; Youth
insensibility to touch
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